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meet your local whole-food nutritionist and farmer


my roots...

Previously working in the fashion and entertainment industry, it was when I moved out of NYC and back home in the Hudson Valley in 2012 that true nourishment began. It changed the course of my life and my family in ways I never imagined. 


And so I’ve found that true health begins in the home and our backyards.


But I am far from perfect, and never will be. Like many of you, I am also still learning, evolving, and growing. I am a big believer in when you know better; do better. 

I grew up with a misdiagnosis at a young age that left me bedridden. My skin, joints, and immune system were all tremendously compromised. I also experienced debilitating fatigue, muscle weakness, and several other ailments. 

Although I suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease for 20+ years, I continued to pursue my passions of playing NCAA Division One Soccer as well as working in the fashion and entertainment industry. It was when the relapses and the stress seemed never-ending that I decided to do something about it from a more alternative view. 

In letting go and making a huge shift, my world opened up to a new career in holistic health and experience into the healing power of whole foods.

During my healing journey, I remembered my roots and growing up in the Hudson Valley. My fondest memories were visiting all the farms. Supporting local and local farmers has been a recurring role in my life, no matter what age and no matter where I moved. Cut to today, I’m back home in the Hudson Valley with my own little family remembering what matters.


Slowing down. Living a minimalist life. Supporting community. Raising a family and teaching children through the lens of the real world. Living off the land. Supporting sustainable and regenerative farms. Growing real food. Eating real food. Showing others how to do the same. Doing something my husband, two boys, and family can be proud of, while never forgetting myself again during the process.

I hope you join me on this real food journey, too.

With Gratitude & Joy,

Nicole Harris, CCWFN, NTP

Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


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