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our mission

We are on a mission to grow functional food with gratitude and joy.


Tiny Greens is a micro-farm producing sustainable and soil-grown microgreens in the Hudson Valley, NY.  We provide a high-quality and hyper-local product to our neighborhood and the surrounding community we call home. 

support local

Now more than ever supporting local matters. When buying locally produced food you are investing and strengthening your own community. By supporting your local farmers, you are contributing to your hometown’s food security and building a stronger food network.

our growing methods

We understand that good nutrition begins with high-quality whole foods. This means choosing organic, non-gmo and heirloom seeds; growing those seeds in certified organic soil (that is then composted and reused for our homestead),  using non-leaching, BPA-free growing trays, and 100% recycled and compostable packaging. We do the best we can to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly, and are always looking for ways to improve our methods. 

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