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Tiny Greens Farm
Seasonal Shares

We are excited to now offer a microgreens share that includes artisanal blends and gourmet mixes. When you sign up for a subscription, you are purchasing a part of our harvest that will be guaranteed fresh every week during the season.

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how it works


Sign up for our seasonal program.

We offer a one-time purchase or additional payment options.


Please include your current email and phone number, as you will be receiving notifications about your weekly orders.


Select delivery or pick-up upon checkout. Please include any additional instructions for deliveries. 

Deliveries will be made every Thursday or Friday depending on your address. Pick-ups are available on Fridays or Saturdays.


Upon check-out, you will receive detailed instructions about your delivery or pick-up. 


Remember to leave your insulated cooler outside with an ice pack for delivery. 


Always contact us if your pick-up day/time changes and we will be happy to accommodate.


Enjoy your tiny greens and eat in good health!

what's included

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specialty gourmet mixes

A large container of our specialty artisanal blends and gourmet mixes


(i.e. French Mix, Italian Blend, and more that consist of specialty micro herbs, seasonal edible flowers, micro gourmet lettuces, and shoots from our farm) 

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