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Our goods are perishable and therefore we are unable to accept returns after an individual receives an order on delivery or pick-up day.

I understand that all cancellations include a separate, nonrefundable $15 administrative/cancellation fee.


I understand that I can transfer my subscription to another person, but I am responsible for making all financial arrangements directly with my successor. I will provide Tiny Greens farm with full contact information for the person taking over my share.

I understand that if I fail to pick up my order and I have not made prior arrangements, my order will be considered abandoned. I will forfeit any claim to it, and it will be used, composted or donated.


I understand that Tiny Greens Farm will do its best to provide me with fresh produce for each share distribution or order. A share will include an assortment of items, depending on what is ready for harvest and quantities available. I understand that orders cannot be personalized, and I am not guaranteed any particular variety of greens. 



I understand that Tiny Greens Farm has scheduled deliveries on Friday's between 8:00 am -7:00 pm and I will be receiving notifications about the timing of my delivery. I understand I must give proper delivery instructions during check out / share registration, and be sure to place the reusable cooler bag outside prior to my delivery time. 


While Tiny Greens Farm will do its absolute best to deliver my share in a timely manner, I understand that the delivery date and time are subject to change due to factors outside anyone’s control, including unfavorable weather conditions or a faster/slower growth rate of greens (i.e. harvest day may come one day sooner or one day later). 


I understand that Tiny Greens Farm has no control over what happens once orders are delivered or picked up. If something goes awry, and the farm is notified in a timely manner (as soon as possible on delivery day), Tiny Greens Farm will attempt to resolve the issue, or take reasonable steps to prevent a future recurrence. However, Tiny Greens Farm makes no warranty or guarantee that any given item can be replaced.


Tiny Greens Farm may determine that continued service is infeasible for any reason, including (but not limited to a) disruptions to supply chain, staffing, or delivery capacity; b) governmental actions, orders, or regulations; c) social or political unrest, and d) public health crises. 




I understand that Tiny Greens Farm relies on email communications to keep me informed. I agree to open and read email communications from Tiny Greens Farm, and I will make sure I keep my account updated with my current email address and cell phone number. I will add to my safe sender's address book to protect emails from spam filters.


I have read and understand this agreement, and by enrolling/purchasing a share or placing an order, I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions herein.

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